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June 16, 2009

So after disembarking from the Rock boat, we took our sea legs and headed to Oslo, Norway. We arrived at the awesome club, Gloria Flames, and headed upstairs to meet up with our friends from Crash Normal, Jerome and Julie. They had been flown over from Paris to play a festival that day and to play with us that night. We all grabbed a seat on the outside deck and ordered some great food from the kitchen, fish for everybody and a salad pizza for me and the other non-meat (or non-trout) fans. Delicious. 

The show was a release party for a split 7 inch featuring Crash Normal and the Intelligence on Compost Modern Art recordings. Crash Normal played first and were awesome. The band had been through a couple of lineup changes, so this was the first show with Julie, Jerome's sister, on keyboards and singing. It was rad, and no one would have guessed they hadn't been playing together for years.

The Intelligence set was fun, even though my kick drum went rogue ( thanks for holding it with your leg, Lars). The crowd was really into it, and it was the label dude, Tomas', birthday so we played "Confidence" off of "Icky Baby" for him. Jerome came up and sang on "World is Not a Drag," and the crowd went nuts. Good times.

The next day we headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. We actually played in Christiania, a free city located in the middle of Copenhagen. Does anybody know more about this place? I'm obsessed. Apparently it was settled in 60's as a hippie commune; there aren't any police, they have their own laws and government! It was wild. We played with a Finnish band named Knucklebone Oscar. Knucklebone tried to sell me to their drummer.

We had a little time to walk around Copenhagen and take in the sights. We found the botanical garden and a weird castle in the middle of a park. Very cool. 

The next day we headed back north to Helsinger, Denmark. We played a quiet show with Thee Vicars and hung out in the club eating pizza with the locals. Everyone was still tired from the Rock boat, and I still hadn't recovered from my sea legs. The DJ tried his best though, and played "St. Barts" off of "Fake Surfers," the latest Intelligence record. Thanks, dude.

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