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United States

August 6, 2009

So, I realized I left out the end of the European tour, what with the flying back to the West Coast of the US only to fly back east a mere day later. 

Our second to last show was in Tours, France. It was a giant festival, and we played with a diverse range of acts including, inexplicably, Busdriver, the rapper from LA. We also played with a group of ladies and gents called the Vedettes. There were at least 14 people in the band, and all the ladies wore matching outfits and ended the evening wearing bridal gowns. I missed the last number because I was busy eating insanely good food in the catering tent, and it being our last night in France, we each had a whole baguette and carafe of red wine. 

After having played a few festivals in Europe, I've come to realize a few things:

1. Most people at festivals are there for one band and want to spend the rest of the time eating/drinking and talking through the sets of bands they are not familiar with.

2. European festivals (save Primavera) are typically set up in the middle of nowhere and run by two hippies and all structures/band tents set up have at least one mural with a "rasta" Homer Simpson.

3.  The food is always better than any food I have been served at venues in the US, without exception.

 After leaving France, we headed back to Amsterdam for our final show. We played at the Paradiso, the nicest venue in town. Unfortunately, we were also playing on the same night as a hip-hop label showcase, and the building got filled to capacity, which meant none of our Intelligence fans could get in! We played to three devoted fans who had snuck past security, and called it a night. We had many miles behind us and a few thousand ahead, and needed to get ready for the long trip home. 

All in all, I wouldn't have changed anything about the trip, and somewhere in France, there are two girls in France wearing English Baby bracelets, and an old man wearing an Ebaby t-shirt...

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