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United States

October 28, 2009


So I'm back at English, baby! after another two month break. Well, a two month tour to be more precise. Instead of Europe, it was the US this time. We went through the midwest, up to Canada, down the east coast, through the south, and up the west coast back to Portland. We played with many amazing bands, like Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds, the Raincoats, and Wizzard Sleeve.

We had 5 days to check out NYC, 2 days to hang out in New Orleans, and I had my second birthday in a row on the road in Chattanooga, TN. We lost a man in New York, gained one for the night in Memphis, then were back to a four piece for our shows in Los Angeles and San Diego. We got flown from Austin, Texas to Montreal, Quebec for a single day to play a single show. We all had the flu, and played on questionable equipment, but pulled it off with aplomb. We also flew from San Francisco to Portland for our last show, a festival that included Roky Erikson and the Black Lips. But it's nice to be home, and back in the cast!

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10:20 AM Apr 16 2019

United States

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Who i am...

Who think i am...
i am that whom a cruel age threw him,
through a bad time to a hard earth...

who think i am...
i am the man whom his heart dead before many years...
i am the one whom knew and discovered a life on its reality...
i am the human beings whom a fate played om him...
i am the one whom lives within his pains without stop...
i am the one whom lost his hope in a seconds...

do you know who i am now???...

by: hazem02@yahoo.com

By hazem02
© 2008 hazem02 (All rights reserved)


please feel free to read and to leave your comments through my link which i gave above..

all comments are so welcome...


hazem al

05:04 PM Nov 09 2009



in my view the best thing in this job is traveling and roaming around the countries ...to see new people and work with new people too ...Cool

12:27 PM Nov 09 2009

Pedro Chung

That's like my job, one in Cuzco, then Nazca, 3 days Miami, 4 days in Iquitos, others in San Jose de Costa Rica, It's nice, but we love home.

03:01 AM Nov 06 2009



Hello beren. you are doing good job. go ahead