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United States

January 11, 2010

Ah, the holidays! I love them, but they also bring a certain amount of stress into my life. There are only so many parties one can attend without being on the verge of collapse, only so many presents one has the patience to shop for, and only so many hours one can spend around family. Starting from Thanksgiving, which is traditionally a big deal in my family (big, as in up to 50 attendees at the evening dinner) and ending with the work holiday party, it seems as if the festivities are endless.

Not that I’m complaining. I spent part of December in Detroit, and attended a great Christmas party complete with a white elephant gift exchange. In a white elephant, everyone brings a gift and everyone gets a gift, and you play a game to figure out who gets what. I didn’t participate in the gift exchange because my number was 46 (there were a lot of people at the party), but did see some of the amazing gifts lovingly wrapped by the masses, including a stuffed deer head and painted picture of a can of PBR. It was a fantastic party.

The end of the long holiday season is signaled with the annual holiday party held by my boss, Mike, and typically held at a bowling alley. It too includes a gift exchange, and last year I was lucky enough to receive the Clapper, a devise from the '80s for turning on lights by clapping your hands. I also got everyone to gamble on the bowling game and ended up with cash as well. It was an excellent party. Tomorrow this event will be held and it remains to be seen who will hold the title of most unruly, although bets have been placed. Look here next month for a full recap. Happy New Year.

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View all entries from Beren's World >

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