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United States

September 13, 2010

While summer isn't technically over, it feels like it is long gone. The days are getting shorter, there aren't as many invites for summer bbqs, and I have a cold.

No matter what, whenever the season starts to change, I get sick. Without fail. Between spring and summer, summer and fall, fall and winter, I get a cold. I never get the flu, I just get a runny nose, scratchy throat and watery eyes. I always try to tell myself it's allergies, but the way people run away from like I'm carrying the plague means I look like a cold sufferer to them.

I've tried all the tricks to not catch a cold: wash my hands incessantly, drink tons of orange juice, take lots of vitamins, and get lots of rest, but nothing works. Do you know of any safeguards against colds? Any remedies for a cold once it has already been caught? Any tips would be much appreciated.

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11:38 AM Oct 22 2010


Russian Federation

I'd give my leg to know the answer on that. I keep getting sick when seasons change all the time. My remedy is staying at home for a couple of days with a chicken soup, a pair of warm socks and some cold remedy. 

01:06 AM Sep 14 2010

xiaoyan liu

dear baby..what a pity of u...but i will support u..that is ok to have a cold..i know u already drink more water. vitamin. enough sleep. but it seems it doesn't work....then accpet the reality...even though that feels not good. but it seems u are special. if i were u.. i will stay with uKiss smile