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May 12, 2010


seems   no  log  in  my  english baby  for  long  time ...

sometime  log  in ...but  close  quickly ...

 todsy ... i  look  my  diary..and  see  that  my  friend  who  comment in my diary.

 i  found  that  i  miss  them  too  much ...

 im  so  sorry 


06:04 AM Apr 06 2011


It's so long that we haven't seen.I don't really know what to do in Ebaby.Those I had talked was also offline every day including you.

April 20, 2009



now  i  am  at  home ..the  outside world very strange  ...

 my  job no  so good ..no  holiday ..the salory give us no on

 time ...maybe want to earn money is not so easy ...

 how  can  i  put a  good  heart  in  the  job  ...

April 5, 2009


    Today  I   feel  unhappy ...I  don"t  know  about  

what  ...about  my  job  ?  or  about   my  friend ..?

 I    want   to   cry  ...Cry...


07:03 AM Apr 25 2009


Please smile everyday .

11:45 AM Apr 06 2009


Saudi Arabia

ohh that's too bad.

Some time when you feel unhappy and hate every things you have to make some thing you love it so much.

Try to do that and belive me you will get more much better.


Now cheer up Laughing


Have a good day for you.