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July 8, 2009

This is my 1st post in this blog. I am thinking that this is the way to improve my writing. I have not enough confidence to write or speak in english, I am worry about the other people think about me, they will know my weakness and probably they will laughing at me because of my weakness.

I am hoping by daily writing in this blog, I can improve my level of confidence in writing. I just moved to new company end of last year, this company is a global company which sometimes I have to deal with many colleagues from the other countries. I can understand the discussion about but I am having difficulties to deliver my opinion. I never joint global company before and my previous company is a local company and majority of the workers are speaking in mother language. I did try to speak in english but I have not enough support from my colleagues. By joining this new company, this is a good opportunity for me to improve my communication skill in english. I have to work harder to get it improve fast.

I know there are a lot of errors in my writing but please don't laugh at me...and please inform me the errors.




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