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United Arab Emirates

October 27, 2008

A SMILE can cheer up any1, and making sum1 SMILE can be real fun…A SMILE is sumthing u should never shun,It would be the worst thing 2 be done…So just take from me a clue, SMILE,And spread it 2 many more, tooo…Agree with me, this saying is true,SMILE and the world SMILE with YOUCool


06:18 AM Oct 28 2008


United Arab Emirates

as i alwys,,,, hehehheee (^_*)

09:29 PM Oct 27 2008


A smile has a lot of  meaning

Just Keep Smiling!



October 9, 2008

My friends are so very dear to me,
Through the good and bad they’ve been there,
Laughter or tears we’ve been through it all,
But no matter what they stood by me,
Sharing in my joy, or lending a shoulder to cry on.

Building memories that will last a life time.
The fun times and laughter that we have shared
Are happy memories that will always be there.
When I was sad, they have always cheered me up.

My friends are true friends, not just passing by,
But will be there through out the years.
I can’t think of more perfect friends,
To share my goals and dreams with.

Because my Forever Friends
Are the only ones I will ever need,
I don’t know if they can tell
Just how much they mean to me.

How important their friendship is,
And how much I care,
For they are what true friendship is about.
They’re there when I need them,
And I love them all. ......

01:30 AM Jun 10 2011

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October 4, 2008

If you want it to last forever
be true and be honest
from the start
because if you don't
sooner or later
the truth will come out
If you want it to stay
always be happy and gay
all trials will fly away
naturally or in any way
just keep the faith with Thee
If you want to last forever
learn to trust each other
be faithful and be sincere
and you are guaranteed, at least
of a relationship that is the best,
of a love that will last long
even though it doesn't mean forever.