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~~believe in beautiful dreams~~

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August 7, 2012

Hello! Today in Poland all day has been raining. I really don't like rain because then my mind is always full of thoughts. These thought make me crazy. Really. Sometimes I can't understand myself. I'm trying be happy, optymist. I know that I have many! I have lovely family, a good friend, health. I have been studying something I like. But when I sit on the chair and look at the rain I feel so sad. Because I need someone. Someone who I can trust. Someone who understands me. Someone who loves me. Someone. But I'm afraid because I have so many fears about love. I don't want to look back to the past but sometimes it's impossible. What's a pity that in a life option ctrl+alt+delete desn't exist. We must remember everything even we don't think about bad memories we always remember. Will I ever forget to remember? 

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10:40 PM Aug 07 2012

Learner of Life

thoughtful writings... like the way you write your words...

Just for sharing...

I do like rain...

Well! as if rain also can be mean sadness... but whenever this feeling appears, just say "LET IT WASH ALL PAIN... ALL PAIN..."

Think  about other beautiful things that rain brings...

Sure, always there is beauty in everything given by God... :)


Indeed, some memory can't be deleted not like in computer.

SOmetimes for somethings... the harder we tried to forget, the more we remember... ^^

So, just think that it is just a part of episodes from our whole story in this life.

There are so many other episodes that it's good to be remembered...

just think too that it's not yourself who feel that way... I think each person has experience like that too... not all memory he has is memory that he like to remember... ^_

Learn from past... live today... and hope for tomorrow :)

10:37 AM Aug 07 2012



So many unhapyy lives, so many unhappy loves, so many regrets wanting to delete the memory. The sorrow can kill, can send you on the boredeline, can make you a nervous breakdown. Go into the rain, take a walk, drink lots of water. I always think about an athelet Pistorius who's competing without legs. Look how optimistic he's. There were so many complaints from the other athletes to disqaulify him, but he moves on and came in second and doesn't need the button ctr-alt-del as it's all an experience.