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~~believe in beautiful dreams~~

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August 19, 2012

Sometimes I haven't got an idea how I can help people. Well you know that feeling when your friends are waiting for advice but you can't help them. Because on the one hand is one friend and on the other hand is second friend. It's hard.. I't's unfair.. I fell like bird in a birdcage. 

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12:19 PM Aug 20 2012

Dr. Someone
Saudi Arabia

Hi ..

Sometimes when I want to help one of my friends and I can't, because I don't know how. I ask someone who I trust (100%) to help me in helping my friend ..

Or if I didn't find anyone to ask him for help, I continue thinking about how can I help ..Because I'm sure there's a solution.

Sometimes you can't help your friend but being beside him/her means a lot for him/her.

Wish you can help your friends always.

Good luck