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~~believe in beautiful dreams~~

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September 29, 2012

Hello! I hadn't written long time because in my life took place so many episodes! Well. everything is great now! I'm totally free from my past. Now I live only present moment and I care about my future! Nothing more is important, I met amazing person, I have no idea how he mixed in my life but I feel...he is special.. He is totally different from other guys. He is awesome.. So many things link us. Thanks to him my life is really excited! All the time he has an idea, all my weekends are full of things to do! Never boredom! With him I feel I can do...everyting. This is so nice feeling, so warm and so amazing. I trust him and now I feel that was good choice. I don't know what happend for two weeks, month, year..but I don't care! The most important is THIS MOMENT. Nothing more. 'Seize the day' - such a beautiful sentence! My favourite because everyone should take from life how much they can. Because life is life, not all the time is good and easy sometimes is bad and very hard. But if we remember good things we can be happy always.

Today is my first day in a dormitory. Stressful but my new life has began... :)


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