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November 1, 2010

Most of all people in the world love to have a car and how much more if it would be the world’s  most unique, fastest and costliest car in the world. I am talking of Bugatti cars sale in India. The kind is Veyron 16.4 Grand.  Only rich people can afford to own this kind of expensive car and it is a pride of course of a rich man.


Bugatti cars like Veyron 16.4 Grand are worth 160 million rupees or $3.6 million.  Why it landed at one of India's car dealers? Why not in some other luxurious and rich cities in the world?

If we would dig deeper into India's economy recently I think it is not appropriate to have these Bugatti cars be sold at India.




India has shortcomings in their infrastructures and this is a major hindrance on their economic growth. This city is highly congested with their roads not properly maintained.  Mostly single-lane routes out side urban areas.

According to Forbes business magazine, there are all in all 86 billionaires in the city this year.


But, there are 836 million Indians live on poverty.  Mostly living with less than 20 rupees (45 cents) per day, that's according to their own government. The worst is their statistics on health, infant mortality rate, malnutrition and income earnings are much higher than of those Sub-Saharan Africa.


Now they are selling these Bugatti cars in the world maybe only for those 86 billionaires living in their country.  The luxurious manufacturer would just be selling 150 of this car worldwide and one of those targeted city is India.  Well, if those 86 billionaires would buy one each of these Bugatti cars and come up with an idea of improving those potholed roads for these luxurious cars, Indian people would be benefited.


What makes these Bugatti cars like Veyron 16.4 Grand so expensive?


Maker:               Germany (Bugatti Automobiles and Volkswagen Group)

Vehicle Type:     2-door convertible

Configuration:    Mid Engine

Engine:               8.0 L W16

Horsepower:        987 bhp

Torque:               927 lb-ft

Top speed:          406 km/h

Made:                 Carbon Fiber

 Suspension:       shock absorbers; allows the cars height to be increased or lowered depending upon the road conditions.


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