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Just be myself

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February 11, 2008

close your eyes / make a wish / it could last forever ------- this is a lyric from backstreet boy and it does impressed me a lot. how to say ,these days I think it is the most terrible life I have never live in before .I just wanted to run far away from my home and school one day,and I just want to be close to river ,seeing the night view along.But finally I decided not to do it because I just didn't want make my parents worried.In fact, I do worry them and they are always excusing me in the end and don't say anything bad . I am often thinking that at the same age of mine,most of children are hating what their parents say,but I found I have changed,I want to listen to them and hear their words that sometimes even make me annoyed.Anyhow ,Thanks for all of things and I do understand where I belong to and why I live in such a wonderful and hard life. I image the night view in Chongqing must be very beautiful ,lights strike the building and the water flows to forever .so sometimes I did want to escape from all the things I hate and from then on,I found I began to have a special dream : no way to escape and I must face everything .Something is rotten in the state of Denmark and It almost has begun to change my life.I have no choice . "becasue having to face ,therefore being brave to face "This is a sentence that I read it in a special book last year during my last senior high school year .So, I have got through it ,When I look back to such the old time, I am always smiling but not becasue of the study ,because for that special time and life I have never run into . Now,I live so hard just like that lyric saying:"I try so hard /and get so far /but in the end /it doesn't even matter /I have to fall /to lose it all /but in the end/ it doesn't even matter." Just be myself. live for all my things I like and try to like everything I have to face .look carefully at this word and change to fall in love with it . For such lost Time .For just Going Forever . For somewhere to my feelings . Good bye and Good Night everyone. bluegrass at the such cooler day hehe ,I began to laugh

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02:21 AM Feb 11 2008