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Just be myself

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February 14, 2008

this year shoud have been a wonderful year,however,many things had altered and we undergo as much as pressure. sometimes I always defy the system of many part in China but I aslo can never change it.So I became to testfy that I must face the challenge,or I will not regain forever. through this year, I aslo became steadfast and

treacherous to look forward the future.a swarm of people come and go along the time going by.I have to refrain from my feelings and ally something I don't like to explain my lies.It is a hard thing for me to do and I gave up in the end,I must be myself at the beginning of the new year I said to myself. waht I deem sometimes become many people's hope,so I get away from some,but some of my loyal friends are always supporting me. I thanks them who helped me in troubleand I have seen the power of the friendship.we struggle together even though sometimes we got nothing but we laugh together,sneering some of the cruel world.yeah, I must give up grudging and lose my disgrace to be quiet when I am falling down from the high level.          

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