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Just be myself

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March 8, 2008

Another English Feelings,hope all of you can enjoy it.Good gratitude.
Listening to songs of avril lavigne ,that's why I want to name this articles.
How to say these days? I can't say it is bad enough but also not good as usual.Now I found more and more I began to enjoy the power of exerting English.Making some of friends in so many ways,and I seem to be happy.
Like what John says,it is good to make friends throughout all over the world,although he will leave by this June.yeah,maybe I belong to a life that needs too much energy. Long long ago,when I was a little child,I like traveling,I even want to go to see each place of the world,with the age grown,how I become so silly that many dreams seemed to never come ture.
However,I really enjoy this environment in which I can listen my favorite songs while writing my feelings althoughonce a week.
This is my feelings that aim to many my cute friends.
For the friends that I have already known,I hope we can keep a long friendship forever and I really cherish it.Still remembered  a saying that says like the person who I was born in October,I need so many friends.Good luck.
For the friends that I have not written to,I hope we can coincide some feelings,in fact,From many things,I am sure that it is really beneficial and fruitful.
Nobody's home,hehe,like this topic,seemed to aim to an gloom and pathetic path to pass by.Sometimes I tried to have such a subtle experience.
Ok,some people,do not say that I shouldn't write in English to publish my articles,especially to theone who really like football,hehe.
That's all,contact me at any time if you are free.

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