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Just be myself

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May 17, 2008

that Earthquake did happened to me and my area,I just noticed that Englishbaby wanted its member to tell about it,so i decided to tell you.

I remembered I was having lesson that time when the land became to shock,everyone was scared because we were in school and no one had experienced it before in Chongqing,China.

Then we crazily went out of classroom and escaped to the playground,but that time,no one knew what happened to us,and to our surprise,all of our cellphones didn't work,that added to our sorrow.

I noticed everyone tried to go out and were with a scared look,we couldn't call our family,and some one cried,we could do nothing and just had to stay and sat on the playground,later on,our hearmaster said to set us free,and I took my schoolbag and escaped from my school as soon as possible,but I knew I couldn't go back to my house,because my house was in the 20th floor,I was so helpless------

time passed by,and after some small rest earthquake,I became clam,and I believed I can catch faith!!

until now,There are more than 30 thousand people died in this terrible earthquake,our chairman has come to our area as soon as it took place,so you could understand how bad it was.

At last,I want to say please everyone there hounour our people who died from it,and I also want you know that Chinses people won't give in.We can rebuild our home,although I have to say China was damaged very serously.

please leave a note after reading it,I do want to know what you see and what you want to say about it,thanks.

Fighting!! best wishes to our China

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06:38 AM May 17 2008



I have some friends in China and one was missing after the huge earth quake,


it was a torture for 3 days till I've got the message that she is still alive. I was so happy.


but so many parents/friends/couples will miss their love forever. I regret it and I really  hope that all human will be strong enough to face that great desaster. God bless all people in that area


06:32 AM May 17 2008


Viet Nam

yeah~~ I see your feeling. That's extremlly a cruel event. The Chineses have too much hurt. I hope the big hurt will come to an end early. Take care^^