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My Corner Of The Sky




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June 26, 2010

Don’t wait for a smile to be nice...

Don’t wait to be loved, to love.

Don’t wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend.

Don’t wait for the best job, to begin to work.

Don’t wait to have a lot, to share a bit.

Don’t wait for the fall, to remember the advice.

Don’t wait for pain, to believe in prayer.

Don’t wait to have time, to be able to serve.

Don’t wait for anybody else pain, to ask for apologies...

Neither separation to make it up.

Don’t wait...
Because you don’t know how long it will take.

Remember: Friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older.



May 16, 2010

Walls enclose my domain of solitude
Doors lock hustle and bustle outside
Feeling like floating on an ocean, vast and boundless
Enveloped in endless loneliness and helplessness
No oars, no sails, and no compass
To rescue me from desperation and desolation


When you feel hurt and your tears are gonna drop, please look up and have a look at the sky once belonged to us. If the sky is still vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my departure doesn't take away the world that belongs to you.

guys,how do u relieve loneliness?

12:39 AM May 16 2010

Saudi Arabia

inside loneleness is so hard when u feel alone with presence of ppl, but i realized that loneleness which comes from being away from ppl and no one around physically to talk and interact with, specially ppl u love is so much harder..loneleness is bitter thing hope no one feel it..may God be with us.

May 1, 2010

   Do you know that the suicide rate in Japan keeps ranking high among the world's leading countries?Why do so many Japanese commit suicide?

Do you think being alive is an easy thing?I don't think so ,nowadays,it becomes more and more difficult to live well without great efforts.

but choosing death really needs great courage,being alive needs more courage.cuz we have to suffer a lot physically and psychologically when we r alive.But we end our sufferings when we die.

We all don't know what the world be like after we die.

Maybe it's a world more miserable than this world...