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January 4, 2012

Okay seeing as no ones going to read this blog anyway (not even the insane humans among you) I could theoretically just write anything I like...but I won't because I still have the last bit of hope that someone bored like me might just come across it and bother to read it.

Well first of all I thought I could introduce myself...Now how to start? Okay: I'm female, I'm 15 and I live in Germany. (allthough these are not features I'd identify with) And I know, I know...you probably hate Germans. No worries...I DO TOO!!! (okay there are of course very rare exeptions and if you are one of these then please don't feel offended)

Important things to know about me (I know you don't care and are probably just deciding that this blog is shit but I'm bored!!!):

1. This must be the most important: I LOVE CHICKEN! (and no I'm not black(no offence black people I'm not racist but I know for a fact that quite a few black people share my unexpressable love of chicken which makes them like cool :))

2. I'm a big-time pessimist full stop

3. I'm half-british. (I know my English sucks but hey that's why I came here!)

4. I'm a perfectionist.

5. I work as a full-time daydreamer ;)

And six: I have just realized this list is rubbish because A.) You don't care. B.) No ones going to read this. and C.) There's not really anything important to know about me so forget this list.

Mainly by writing this blog I am hoping to find like-minded people if this exists. So if you somehow feel I might be okay just contact me. (Oh! No pervs please though! :D)

Okay I don't really know what else I am going to write about in this blog but it won't be about me so don't worry. I'll probably pick something different everytime. I'll be glad if it's even just one single person who reads my blog! That would make my day (or week or month or...whatever!) As you can see I tend to lose the point while talking which is probably because I'm not used to talking as I don't really talk much in real life. I don't know if I'm going to blog everyday or what but we'll see. So bye for now folks! :D See you! (Well actually I won't but never mind.) Oh and btw if you have actually read this: Sorry for wasting your time! I know I should get a life but ah well...

03:14 AM Jan 18 2012



Either of two - you underestimate us or underestimate yourself.

04:36 AM Jan 09 2012



Woah! I enjoyed your blog, really. I mean, it's interesting because, somehow, we have so much in common but at the sime time we have different points of view. That's funny :D

Well, you said you wanted to find "like-minded people", so congratulations, you've just found one! Nice too meet you ;)

09:42 AM Jan 06 2012



Ah! ...very interresting one. I love chicken I'm a mutt . I love people, I hate racism , racisst persons are just like the rest of us, they have rights to opine, so be it.

Please feel free to come here and spill everything you can, there will always be someone to hear you out, especially when I'm out there , snooping around. You post nice comments on here, which I and many others appreciated. I believe you are a gifted person... you're not a loner or whatever. Come here and be yourself, cry out all your emotions ...

You're not a boring person, you just had nothing to do  at this particular time.

 you're not bored , you are just thinking.