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colombia night out




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June 22, 2013

As a sailor i get to travel  a lot, many countries , many ports get to meet many new cultures, many people.. even though im new to my profession i've been to many places in my first contract itself.

Of many places i visited i enjoyed the most in colombia buenaventura.. it was bit rainy wen we arrived in buenaventura..we wer carrying corn as cargo . so unloading process was not continuous with rain.. so we had to stay in port for 5 days .. which never happens or never lucky to have port stay that long.

we wer lucky enough to have a guide who led us to this nice club or say bar American night .. i guess that was only club available der.. bar was awesome , nice music , nice people..

i learnt a aweful amount of spanish from the girls there.. and the girls wer really beautiful with mix of white girls and brown girls.. it was a nice feeling to mingle with people after a long journey.. we went der non stop every night wen we at port.. we jus loved to hang out der..i got some contacts der, it ried to keep in touch but they seemed to have forgotten me ..

yeah how cud they remember wen der are hundreds of new guys arriving der everyday!!!

so i thought i cud make some friends online .. n if possible meet in person wen i get the port again.. looking foreward to get back to buenaventura..  hope some fun !!!