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My dream

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

July 8, 2012

Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)



2Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Hanalei Mist – Kauai, Hawaii



3Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Pearl Beach Resort Bora Bora




4Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





5Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Beautiful Beach




6Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





7Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Sunset Beach Resort Seychelles




8Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Indigo and Aqua




9Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Sta Rita Island Beach Resort




10Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)


12Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





13Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





14Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Pigeons on the Beach




15Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Six Palms




16Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Jolly Beach Resort Antigua




17Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Bentota Beach Hotel Sri Lanka




18Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Beach Resort




19Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Bali Resort




20Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Truly Maldives




21Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Komandoo Island, Maldives




22Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Paradise @ Sancho




23Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Barbados Beach




24Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





25Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Tallows Beach, Byron Bay




26Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Bora Bora – Tahiti




27Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





28Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Pearl Resort, Moorea, Tahiti




29Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





30Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Seychelles Islands




31Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

The Emerald




32Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Imbricated Turtle in Desroches Island




33Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





34Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

The Beach




35Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Baie Lazare




36Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Four Rocks




37Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Somewhere at Ibiza




38Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Ibiza’s Spring




39Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Whitehaven Beach 1




40Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)





41Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Whitehaven Beach




42Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

The Recipe




43Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Tulum Dream




44Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Fraser Island




45Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Datai Beach




46Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Haena Surf – Kauai




47Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Napali Coast




48Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi




49Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

Sunset at Turimetta Beach




50Beautiful Beaches (50 pics)

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12:15 PM Jul 20 2012

The Last Joke

Sister : in sha Allah , i'll make dua for you , you are always in my dua !

12:13 PM Jul 20 2012

The Last Joke


03:09 PM Jul 19 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

orkut scraps

don't forget me in yr pray

Muslim praying hands

I write yr name in my hands...when will pray then first remmeber you.

Classy ya allah

01:29 PM Jul 19 2012

The Last Joke

Sister : you are right : we are all muslim . we should fast the same day !

In this holy month we should  all come close to each other and respect each other !

In many Muslim countries, it is not uncommon to see people giving more food to the poor and the homeless, and even to see large public areas for the poor to come and break their fast.

02:53 AM Jul 18 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we are glad that ramadan come ana waite for new moon :)

but God told us:every one fast last 3 days in shaaban is same fast 1 month.

now I am fast and pray.

In ramadan people r close together and celbrate it.

give foods to poor people and visite relative when they breakfast.

we r muslim and fast same you ;)

03:22 PM Jul 17 2012

The Last Joke

1.     In Yemen Ramadan maybe on Friday 20th July( if we will see the new moon ) OR on Saturday 21st July ( if we won't see the new moon ) ….Anyway , sister you should fast with your people in Iran ???  

02:25 PM Jul 17 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

my dear Baset

so thanks for pic.

happy ramadan to you.it will begining from saturday in Iran but I start from tommorow :)


01:45 PM Jul 16 2012

The Last Joke