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My dream

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

September 4, 2012


Arnold & Shaq

Chaplin & Albert E.


Bill Murray & Obama

Albert E.

Albert E.

Wilt Chamberlain, Arnold & Andre the Giant

Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee

John Travolta & Lady Diana

Arnold & Stalone

The Clintons

Stephen Hawking

Armstrong after moon landing


Danny Devito

Stephen Hawking

Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Michael Jackson & some midgets

Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury & John Deacon

Marilyn Monroe

Bill Clinton & JFK

Frodo & Kevin

Steve & Bill

Bob Marley

Harry Potter cast

Jimmy Fallon races Michelle Obama in the White House

Beatles & Ali

Fight Club cast

Michael Jackson & Freddy Mercury

Big Bang Theory cast & a badass


Clint Eastwood

Paul Newman & Clint Eastwood

MLK & Marlon Brando

Ian Flemming & Sean Connery


All Star Trek captains united

Star Trek OS cast

A happy Family



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View all entries from My dream >

11:08 PM Sep 07 2012

murad ali

murad ali

wow  so old as so gold

07:56 AM Sep 06 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


03:57 AM Sep 05 2012



such interesting and awesome ı think... thanxs for sharing them Smile