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March 19, 2013

Last Saturday,3/16,I had the English conversation class~

In the class, I've learned how to share the traveling experiences~

And I've heard a lot of  interesting traveling experiences form my classmates.

Sunday,3/17,I  also had the English conversation class~

In that class,I've learned about "parts of the body" like forehead, chest,wrist etc.. and 

"idoms with body parts" like face the fact,foot the bill,shoulder the responsibility etc..  

06:23 AM Mar 20 2013



Hi Diego~ Let me make the sentences ,and you'll understand how to use.

''I know you love me but I've already have lover. You need to face the fact. There is no future between us."

"She was so happy because she's mom said she would foot the bill for her new car."

"My papa shoulder the responsibility of making money and supporting the familly when

I was young."

01:31 PM Mar 19 2013



hello my name is diego, I'm interested in your topic about idioms with body parts, i am kind of ignorant about it. would you like to explain me what  "face the fact","foot the bill","shoulder the responsibility" mean? and i would like to know more about that topic, i know what literally say but i dont know what it means, thanks in advance. i really love to learn about idioms

March 14, 2013

I start to go to swim twice a week recently~

I  think,summer is comming soon ,so I have to make my body tight.

By the way,inTaiwan,many compatriots can't swim~despite Taiwan is an island

which is around of warter~

11:05 PM Mar 16 2013

王 阳

王 阳

But i think many can do in Taiwan,because beautiful sea be around island,and navy is great ,the Ma Ying Jiu is very pay attention to the force 。