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The Muddy Rudder

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captainjeffSuper Member!

United States

August 8, 2008

Captain Jeff here from the heart of red China. We arrived at 17:00 last night at Beijing International and barely made it through the security at the airport. The people here have been quite friendly addressing me as "Hello Captain" "Ni-hao capt." or "Hi there Mr. Captain." We had a hearty of meal of dumplings, rice and some spicy fungus. After 2 large Yangjing beers I told the boys to "give 'er a rest" so they'd be frosty for the Hutong Bike Relay the next morning. On our way back to our sleeping quarters we set out to make friends with the locals. Always good to make a few contacts. You never know when you'll need valuable intel down the road.

Click here to view more photos of our first day in Beijing.

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View all entries from The Muddy Rudder >

08:50 AM Aug 08 2008



if you visit chile, please bring some those Yangjing beers XD

03:07 AM Aug 08 2008


welcom to china beijing. i am studying English now. if possible, i can teach you chinese. my e-mail: hanjiazhang@126.com