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cat m

cat m



February 23, 2008

You see the world is out there waiting for me
that's why I wanna be as free as can be!
I know that you've been good and you've been sweet, so don't put up a fight,just let it be!
well, I hope one day, While I'm missing you. And so will you be thinking of me! Then we can be together,to laugh about the past, but the love is still there for you and me.

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08:59 AM Mar 15 2008


come on ,baby! never give  up! you  will win the game!

just make  a  friend with you , if  you  want ,please connecct to me  : tx520mt@163.com

bye ,good luck in your futrue!


05:07 PM Feb 23 2008

nate_straight guy

To me, sitting in a driver's seat and grasping a steering wheel
makes me feel powerful and independent.
But stucking in heavy traffic and tackling with nonsense pedestrians
also drive me crazy too.

Anyway, I still love driving by myself
because I'm a man and still young, I guess. Haha...