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December 14, 2009

yeah, I LOVE mangs

  1. Because of her, I'm angry with my best friend
  2. I don't now how, but if she's near, I'll be in trouble
  3. She wants everything I'm good at!
  4. She gets angry when I'm good at smth
  5. If smth bad happens, she says it's my fault

But it's better to think in less puke stuff...

I miss Sash! (the Russian luv of my life) So I have nothing to do, that means, I'll write a lot on my blog! www.diariodeunaadolescentealocada.blogspot.com

Well, I'm still bored. Definetly...that's NOT a good day Sealed

p.s.: I don't understand inequations !!! >.<

11:48 AM Dec 14 2009



don't understand inequations?lol.:) i can't help with that girl pissing off you but can help with inequations:))

December 14, 2009

Hey! Hello! Buff, it is very cold today in Galicia (Spain) !

Well, today wasn't a good day, specially for:

  1. I've failed my Maths exam, hooray Andrea!Bravo!
  2. I can't stand number 4 (number 4 is a stupid girl who always make people get angry with me, she's...argh!)
  3. I had Gymnastics class
  4. I have a cold
  5. I had a very difficult Galician exam

Surprised In the other hand, maybe I'll go to the USA for 9 months next year with Carlota, one of my best friendsLaughing But I don't now it yet!!! I hope so!

P.S.: I'm quite sad, because I miss so much my foreirgn friends !!

I love that manga picture! (In fact, I love manga)