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December 14, 2009

Hey! Hello! Buff, it is very cold today in Galicia (Spain) !

Well, today wasn't a good day, specially for:

  1. I've failed my Maths exam, hooray Andrea!Bravo!
  2. I can't stand number 4 (number 4 is a stupid girl who always make people get angry with me, she's...argh!)
  3. I had Gymnastics class
  4. I have a cold
  5. I had a very difficult Galician exam

Surprised In the other hand, maybe I'll go to the USA for 9 months next year with Carlota, one of my best friendsLaughing But I don't now it yet!!! I hope so!

P.S.: I'm quite sad, because I miss so much my foreirgn friends !!

I love that manga picture! (In fact, I love manga)

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