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February 3, 2008

 After 3 days ,CHINESE SPRING FESTiVAL will be come.i'm so happy now.Kiss

  you kown,in the spring festival,we can have a long hoildays.my family members are all so happy and we can have a nice dinner together.you kown,in normal times,we all have our own's things to do.

 But,you kown,in my own contry,in ours China,lots of province are having big snowwing.Cryso many people who are working in other provinces cannot come back hometown.because snowwing are so big ,bus,train and plane are reducing and delaying.

 but good luck,my hometown is better than those places.but i always want sun will be appear.because,we have the same country.

believe me,it will be better.my dear sisters and borthers.Embarassed


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