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Dawn and Eve

No interrupt me!

Hong Kong

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August 15, 2009

Well,commonly,summer hodiday must be an aweful and holy rest time to many students like me.Because most of them they have are their own.However,I don't.The 2009 summer vacation is quite special for me,it's the most boring one since I have come to this world.Frown

   For independence,I did cooking,did washing,clothes and dishes included,and did some cleaning.Well,day after day,they all become a piece of cake.I'm a so-called house man now.

  The relaxing time is to sit in front of the computer,I almost face to the computer once a day at least.This is the only time of my own.But,things online seem to be meaningless.It's a waste time for me searching on line and after a long time it would become boring again.

  I hope that school commence earlier,but it isn't.God,how can I spend my routine holiday more significant than it was!?

June 7, 2008

Today is the first day of the University Entrance Examination Day.Everything are different.The parents,the students and even the teacher.The moment they search for is coming.It will condemn how their life is going on and where lead to them.I will be one of these students next year this time and all of this would be excited and a little bit nervous.I think the thing I have to do is to review all the lessons we had learnt and got ready for it.I hope I can pass it and achieve my goal next year.Come on!Nothing is impossibleWink