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August 12, 2012

Hello!everyone.I am a girl at 17 years old who is from China.Because i want to meet more friends around the world,i join in the ebaby!

On the other hand,I will go to college,and i want to improve my English,so i hope to meet the friends who can chat with me and help me practice English!

And i am a sunshine girl,i can also help you to practice Chinese!

Let's study together and be improve together!

I really need your help!Thanks!Wish you all the best!Smile

02:37 AM Aug 12 2012


Hello Celia! I would be happy to improve my english with you Laughing

I'm 18 years old and next school year I'm going to take the FCE exam so I have to speak more fluently and wirte more correctly in english.

I'm italian and I'd really love to know more about chinese culture and expecially about the ways of saying in chinese language. 

If you want send me a private message and I'll give you my msn contact Smile

Write back soon! Laughing