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United States

August 8, 2009

Have you ever spent more than 2 months without your family?Have you ever been abroad or lived? if not, your first experience will be treablesome.

When i was in my country , i thought how it can hard ? This opinion didnt let me to set myself.So i just came usa with my luggages.

Somedays i used to wake up and tought just come back.Because no  family and no friends made me depressif.But everyone told me that it had been over one day.And it would be true. 


Its common name is homesick.


Here's what we have to do about homesick!


dont talk too much with your friend and parents (as much as you can)

dont use your mother language (as much as you can)

dont be shy and be creative and social

dont abstain from asking " i didt understand, can you say again?"

explore new place in you neighborhood


So , if you have any question about usa or philly , just let me know. I will be glad to help you.


deniz aug 09 09 




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07:10 AM Aug 09 2009


Russian Federation

oww.. iv read your article.. so sad & interesting. May be in one day my dream come true, its about abroad. may be may be.. (such beatifull music on your page, thks)