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January 15, 2009

i wrote about something yesterday because i wants some opinion about the nuclear reactor.alas i cant find it .i hope there will be some satisfactory answer.finally i wants to make friends of diffrent opinion throughout the world

January 13, 2009

it is very interesting and adventures .but iwants to do something diffrent in my college life.so i am looking for some talented friendswho can help me to fulfill my imagination related with new technological inventions.why we use uranium in civil nuclear reactor.can we not use any other atom?

04:42 AM Jan 13 2009



Ur thoughts are really advanced.hope u'll find friends in common:D

January 13, 2009

i think obama would be a good president for not only america but also for all over world.obama belongs to a poor region so he will see the poor matter of the world as it is consider that he is a greatman from rest of americans.

02:14 AM Jan 13 2009



all politicians of this world are big MOTHERFUCKERS.... see the film ZEITGEIST and u'll know the TRUTH....