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United States

June 23, 2009

G's stands for Grand, which is slang for a thousand dollars in English. Today we filmed a soap opera episode where I find out I have been left an inheritance from my great Aunt for 200 G's, or $200,000. Pretty exciting.

This makes me wonder what I would do if I was left that much money in real life. Would I be responsible, buy a home or invest it in the stock market? Hmm.... probably not. I don't think I'd go crazy and blow it all either. I'd definitely go on a mini shopping spree, get some new clothes, and make-up, maybe even an expensive haircut, but I'd try to continue to use most the money for my true dream- to travel the world.

What would you do with 200 grand?

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06:14 AM Oct 26 2009


Saudi Arabia

200 G's ? well first of all , getting rid off my glasses ( LASIK surgery 8] )

car + new place ( out of campus ) + ps3 120G + donate the rest ? maybe ( tho it wouldnt be much but still lol ).

12:53 AM Oct 23 2009


travel the world,i love it!

04:42 AM Oct 16 2009



Hi, well if I have this money, perhaps buy machinery, trailers and start my own bussines. And then travel all around the world

08:12 AM Oct 09 2009

Pedro Chung

I´d spend this money to form a little airline with aerostat to fly the nazca lines or a special anphibious airplane to fly over the Amazon river zone or for training A380. I´m a pilot, I love the sky.


05:16 AM Oct 07 2009


Hi.how r u ?if i have this mony, i will do many things ,i wiil get master and help my family and i will help poor people because our massenger told us to help poor people .i can do many many things

07:38 PM Sep 28 2009

United Kingdom

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09:20 PM Sep 25 2009



i will use that some money to buy something for my families. but i really think it is  not a big number ,so i still have to spare most part to invest again .i have to  make a good plan on that. then left small part , i wanna plan a successive tour around world with low-price air tickets . that would be a wonderful experience   .hehe . btw, if i could spare 2years more, i would like to have a further education in abord .

11:15 PM Sep 24 2009



HI,I will do like you that travel the world,haha

09:41 PM Sep 24 2009


that would be great .  200G's is enough for me to study abroad.Laughing

07:30 PM Jul 20 2009



Nowdays 200 G's is not a big amount of money isn't it?

If I had 200 G's, I would like to pay half of my mortgage to reduce the amount I must pay every month, then buy my wife a great gift, then, I still need to work everyday from 9-5. Cry

Maybe, 200 Million will make difference?