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If you believe in Astrology

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November 27, 2007

Last week I was asked by a couple to accompany them to an orphanage to examine a child whom they wanted to adopt to ensure that the baby was healthy in all respects. When I reached there a Chopra couple was already there and had adopted a child. After I gave my consent about the health of the baby the couple was asked to see the lawyer in the evening to fill up the papers and was advised to give the baby a name of their choice! I just shuddered at the thought; for four & half months the baby had no religion no cast but by evening he will have both! The first child will be a Chopra and the second a Gupta! Then the question arises; did man divide the society or God did it?

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07:40 AM Jan 02 2008

Russian Federation

I think that people are instruments in GOD's hands.We are here to face some trials and to go further or to have another try.This child was meant to this family otherwise you would find some ailment,or the papers would not be OK.