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three 龙 blog




May 11, 2009

  this day of last year, thousands of people lost their lives.The event  hurt us so much that  we will remember it forever.what I wanted to said is to love  the  persons around u , because they will leave one day Smile

November 30, 2008

  This term I have to major in Theoretical Mechanics . But I dont like it at all and it's so boring . Many of us feel like studying it and refuse to have class on their best . Sometimes I will do . I have no idea to how to make myself active in the class .

September 20, 2008

My grandfather passed away on the eighteenth of June this year . I cannot forget him , and he is a good old man . When I am young , I often get angry with my mom for some things.Although he nags sometimes , I feel, I can get a lot after the talk with him.