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March 6, 2008

This semester , there is a good thing making me happy and a bad thing making me complain .

The good news is that  we are moving to a new dorm . thus I can have my own bed and desk . It's easier to take a bath with hot water . Meantimes, i can get more sleep as there are only four persons each dorm .

However, came the bad news that we have two more subjects to finish . they are Physics and C lanugage. both of them are important and hard .they cost me much more time .Maybe I have no time to play at all.Innocent

11:46 PM Mar 06 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

how are you?

i unlucky veryCry


March 1, 2008

One song can spark a moment

one flower can wake the dream

one tree can start a forest

one bird can herald spring

one smile begins a friendship

 one handclasp lifts a soul

 one star can guide a ship at sea

one word can frame the goal

one vote can change a nation

one sunbeam lights a room

one candle wipes out darkness

one laugh will conquer gloom

 one step must start each journey

 one word must start each prayer

one hope will raise our spirts

one touch can show your care

one voice can speak with wisdom

 one heart can know what's true

 one life can make the difference

you see it's up to you

 Don't ever forget how very important you are

February 9, 2008

 I like snacks no matter they are healthy or not . In my dorm everyone calls me little pig as I like eating so much.But I think liking eating snacks so much is not a bad thing, I make a lot of friends because of it . Usually I eat from this dorm to anther , How happy I am ! Fruits are my favorite.