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didi da'great


February 21, 2008

people say that friend is a gift u give to urself. how much friend s really means to u? i have a lots whom i consider as a friend! but to find the real friend is really hard. some comes only in a happy time. but when u r down nobody sit by ur side.

that's the point when im asking myself why things happen like that. then i found that if u need a real true friend u have to be a real true friend to ur buddy too..never say a friend if u can't sacrifice time for them.


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06:23 AM Aug 21 2008



i liked your style,very nice,

05:25 AM May 05 2008


Still, i dont have a prefect language, but i wish ur thought, Smile be a friend for every.....

12:59 AM Feb 24 2008

Rahma MD

Rahma MD

"never say a friend if you can't sacrifice your time for them"

i really like this words :). I'm 100% agree with you. To be a real friend you have to be sincere and always pray your friends.Laughing

06:44 PM Feb 21 2008



great point.i used to think i have to many friend,but sometimes i found when i was in trouble,only myself can help me.now i usually play with a person but i can't tell her something even today i was happy or unhappy,although we go toghter  all day,but we just like two people in two world.sometimes i feel alone.

i think it might depend on my view.sometimes i love everyone i fell every one love me,sometimes i am unhappy i fell nobody love me.

so it's depends on you .