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Difficult Girl

United Arab Emirates

February 23, 2010

who went mad about Truth , He is sane...
& who went mad without the truth ,He is crazy..
who went mad about love , He is sane...
& who went mad without the love , He is crazy

Real (1)

Lovers .. In the way of the abandoned motorcycle at speeds of more than 100 mph...
Girls: slower speed, we are moving very quickly ,
I'm afraid I do not want things to happen ...
Boy: Come on .. Do not be afraid, I know what to do
. You feel happy correctly....
Girl: Do not .. Not .. Please stop I am really scared...
Tell me if you love me ...
Girl: I love you....
boy: Please hug me??
* Girl hugging a boy *

Boy: Can you help me? Can you take helmet out of my head and put on your head.....
.. It's bothering me ...
Second in today's newspaper: a motorcycle crashed into a building to brake failure 
 To find two people, but did not survive only one person....
The truth is: that in the middle of the road for the young man noted that the brake disabled...
 But did not want to know this girl....
 Instead of making them confess her love to him and hug him for the last time...
 ...Then dressed his helmet to live...
The story of true love (2)

girl asked boy If she is beautiful??????
he said: No....Surprised

she asked him if wanted them to stay with him forever???

He said:No....Surprised
then she asked him if he will cry if I left out???

He said:
she  heard a lot
she Was forced to leave

she  leave out, he grabbed her arm and told her to stay...Kiss 

He said:

You're not pretty ... You are wonderful Embarassed
I do not want to stay with you forever ... I need to keep with me forever Embarassed
I will not cry that my trip away ... I'm going to die Cry

"The spaces between your fingers there, because there is someone else who could be filled"Smile
Love is not finding a perfect human being, but to see the imperfect person perfectly....
Do I wondered days..
Which hurts more:
to say something and do not wish to say??  or do not say something and wish you said?

Take a minute to crash someone....
Hour to admire someone....
The day to love someone....

 But take a lifetime to forget someoneCry...

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04:34 PM Sep 08 2010


Syrian Arab Republic

ahh.... a beautiful story ,,,,, and my openion is that  '' we should read the word's between lines and not to govern on the other's ...

in the other hand some people should illustrate what do they mean cuz maybe the person whom we love will misunderstand our word's

thank u DGSmile

02:42 AM Jul 19 2010



oh sister 

it's  realy  awosome story , the  thing  i  liked  in  it  is  the  true  love  and  the  way  of  boy  to  prove  that ,  oh  sister  i  realy  appreciate  you  for  this  story  you  have  translated  it  to  english  with  using  appropriate words

thanks and go ahead

04:49 AM Feb 25 2010



you translated them into english,that's amazing!

i cann't be more certain that your english is pretty good!

i agree with your opinion that the boy killed himself for the girl's life.

it's really a moving story!

11:19 AM Feb 24 2010

Difficult Girl
United Arab Emirates

There are in the end .... There things that last
and the greatest of these is loveInnocent

nice words i agree with u "the phantom"

11:13 AM Feb 24 2010

Difficult Girl
United Arab Emirates

really me too , I received via Hotmail but in arabic ,I've translated pretty Stories in my profile in english coz i like it...
dull why??
coz he didn't check motorcycle , i think that happen with any one ...Incident may have occurred in the way suddenly....

i agree that he killed himself to girls
To live his sweetheart ,,,,, this is only his love for her

08:54 PM Feb 23 2010



hi,difficult girl

i have read the first story before. it's on a chinese website and it's written in chinese.when the first time i read this so-called love story,i was moved by the behavior done by the boy,i just thought that the girl was the most fortunate in the world for she had such a guy loving her.but then i just thought that the boy was such a dull that he didn't driving the motor bike on and on until the petrol went out! so the fact is that the boy killed himself!

is that right? i wanna your comment,thanx!

01:17 PM Feb 23 2010

Saudi Arabia

i like the storyLaughing