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Difficult Girl

United Arab Emirates

September 7, 2010

IDOL SHOPPING MANGA It's japanese photo story...


[kand song] or [s] ...Money mouth
she's the hero of this story.she's known as bully caretaker, who avenges her bullied clients for a price...


In reality,[Kang Song Ih] [s] with her twin brother named [Kang Ah Eul], whom she loves above anything. Ah Eul attends [Chungha] High School, a famous and expensive school, but over winter break, he attempts to commit suicide. [Song Ih], determined to understand why her brother tried to kill himself, attends [Chungha] High School, pretending to be [Ah Eul][her brother] uncovering the reasons why [Ah Eul] was driven to suicide, including one mysteriously handsome but "bad" guy named [Seo Ga Yoon].



TO continue follow events of this story leave you with this link:-



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