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June 4, 2007

yup..i will not quit from this website..i just limit my involvement in this website only to my blog.. is my English correct?Coolso any English teacher or lecturer who read my blog, feel free to correct my grammar..

GUYS..feel free to leave ur comment on my blog

01:58 PM Jun 18 2007



hello. you accepted me for friend you never have sent anything. ı wait for your mail.

take care you 

June 4, 2007

Akademi Fantasia or simply known as AF is Malaysia's first reality show, which brought big changes to the Malaysian entertainment scene in the year 2003, when the first season of the show aired by Astro Ria.

At the beginning, 12 contestants (called students) will stay in a house called "Akademi" and spend their whole time practicing songs, acting and other activities that are related to performing arts. The classes are held by professional trainers (called teachers) that form part of a faculty.

The host of the show is Aznil Hj Nawawi, a popular Malaysian TV host. He is known for adding humour to the proceedings and will retire as a TV host for AF as of the end of the season 5. The academy is lead by the "Principal". For the past 4 seasons of the show, the principal has changed every year. The 5th season of the show ended recently on the 19th of May 2007.

The format of the show is taken from "La Academia", which originated in Mexico. Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia to have its own version of this show, and it has subsequently been followed by Indonesia and Thailand, all of which have been received better than the regional reach of the Idol series.

Winners of the series have all gone on to become the biggest selling music acts in Malaysia, with even former contestants making themselves a permanent fixture in the local music industry.

The winners of the first four seasons have been Vince, Zahid, Mawi and Faizal who are among the biggest names in the music scene. The show just made history by naming its first female champion, Mila.

this year, i choose HELIZA as my favourite student.she's a person with beauty and talent.u want to see her face..here, i paste some of her pretty n cute face.

 she's the one wif veil

 isn't she beautiful.she's now studying at one of top university in Malaysia.

if u wnt to see her perfomance, u can go to youtube and search for heliza.

herself with her big sister.both of them are beautiful.

she's 3rd runner up winner of akademi fantasia this year..


The contestants for Akademi Fantasia are selected through auditions nationwide. Sometimes, there are some additional contestants selected via a special case concert right before the beginning of a season, for example Mawi of Akademi Fantasia 3. The contestants will undergo special rehab classes such as vocal ,English , acting and choreography trained by professionals (usually Malaysian trainers). They will train for the sake of being shown on tv everyday for weekly concerts which are usually held on Saturday.

The judgement system totally depends on audiences SMS votes and Astro decoder votes (Astro users may need to connect their decoders to the phone line to vote) which costs RM0.50 per vote, where the contestants with the lowest SMS votes will be eliminated every week. There are about 10 weeks for each season and the final contestants who survives during the 9-week period will make it to the final concert in the 10th week.


11:52 PM Jun 05 2007



hi michellita..i also enjoy watching their perfomances..thank you for ur comment..

07:14 PM Jun 05 2007




Here in Brazil we had a program following the same format you described called FAMA. All the people who took part in the program spent some time studying songd and performing to a group of judges... That's really an interesting TV propgram, and I like watching the "students'" perfmormances! 

May 9, 2007

dear my friends...

i will no longer exist in this website.i want to quit..the reason is because i receive to many messages n friends request almost everyday.unfortunately, i can't spend too much time just to reply those messages since i have other responsibilty to carry out.being a medical student with new integrated curriculum,time is so precious for me.. ..i do this because i don't want to upset all the sender of the messages just because i cannot reply their message.starting from last month, i only surf internet once a week..and that's for academic purpose..i hope all my deaarie friends can understand my condition..but, we all can stay connected via my website www.friendster.com and my e-mail akue_siqah@yahoo.com..i really am sorry for this inconvinience.i appreciate all the messages n friend request.i also want to tell all of u that it's a wonderful experience for me to have friends from all over the country..