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November 8, 2007

It is not easy to learn english,I have been learning english years,but still not so good . It's hard!When you try to remember some words and you get it today but tomorrow they all go. So you have to  recitation words everyday,that's boring!

You guys who have good ways to learn english,just tell me and I'll invite you to eat Chinese Food.CoolLet's improve our english together.

Good Luck !

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06:06 AM Nov 28 2007



hello !

I'm bella.I'm a chiness girl.I want to learn english too!let's help each other . Are you ok? You say:"who help you  learn english you will Please eat the Chinese dish ,if you help me ,I can tell you how to make it!

10:23 PM Nov 08 2007

esha gul

esha gul


you r saying right ..i give u a website .might it will help u

www.audioenglish.net  To learn or speak english take years

08:33 PM Nov 08 2007


      I think English is not difficult to learn ,there is no need to recite too mang words ,if you read many books ,you can natually gain many words, at first ,it is a language ,the main purpose to learn it is to use it ,do you think so?