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Without tenses

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October 9, 2008

Is any knowledge, idea or result of intelligence original having been invented in one mind and then processed for public digestion?  I do not with premeditative intent plan to "steal" anyone's "mind" - I have plenty of "minds" to deal with in dealing with my own - I don't need the added burden of having to try and deal with a stolen mind, plus the guilt that comes with the dishonesty of mind-thieving. Is there anyone mind that you think in particular that I have stolen?  If so, I will search for it in my "stock pile of stolen minds," having added it to my "Things To Do" list -  and should it be discovered that indeed I have stolen an other's mind, I will promptly return it with a thousand apologies of guilt.

Is not all "information" knowledge?  Sure, some information can be earmarked as being "useless," in your own process of floccinocinihilipilification, but still the same, "knowledge", to my humble opinion, and "information" are synonymous. 

Now if you had asked what I preferred between wisdom and knowledge, well that would demanded an entirely different response from me.

   Me stealing brains...  

And as always, Provecho! 


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