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Without tenses

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October 13, 2008

Someone once asked me if I was “gay.”  I responded with what I thought was a “gay” response.  I think that everyone who isn’t gay should be gay.  To be gay is, for me, to freely love life freely; it is to be never wanting or being lonely. 

I had said, “Let the world be forever “gay!” 

Then of a sudden, with some embarrassment, I realized that to whom I had been addressing was slightly under educated.  Oh true, this person had had a great “public” education - had been "well read" - however, this person was quite narrow-minded and… 

Well, my point should have been made.  To be “gay,” to me, can also mean, having a merry or lively attitude, a joyful disposition – I mean to say,to those of us with opened minds. 

Anyway, all of you who are living in a closet of sadness and lonely despair - come on out and be “gay.”  It is easy if you try.  One way to start is to love someone else – be in the service of another without strings attached and soon you will see how easy it is to live life “gay” – or in other words, "Be Happy!" -

 "live Gay being 



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