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October 14, 2008

As earlier mentioned, as a younger youth, I had had the “opportunity” of selling doughnuts door-to-door (Spud Nuts) and that I had been looking at it as sort of a negative period of my life because of all the “noes” that I was experiencing.  I mean, here I was, but a sweet, innocent little kid, trying to raise some money to buy my mom a gift, and people were all but slamming doors in my face – oh! What a wicked, mean, cruel and insensitive world it had been back then.


Anyway it wasn’t until a kind elderly man took the time to teach me some principles about life and something about some of the eternal proportions of it (all things must live in some sort of equilibrium or what I now call "complementary proportions" for anything to exist) – it wasn’t until I had learned to look at “noes” or anything that I deemed a negative as being needed or necessary for anything positive or rather, life’s “yesses,” to exist. Confused?


Yes, I was to, but try and stay with me here – it works out – I promise.  I mean if it doesn’t work out for your understanding, I have a money back guarantee policy – and that guarantee is that I took no money to have to guarantee its return should one of us fail to create an understanding here.

So until this time, I had been only looking at the negatives or “pressures” in my life as being enemies or exact opposition to life.  This kind and patiently understanding man, my friend, helped me to look  at my “pressures” or challenges, my “noes” of the day, as a means to “yesses” or of necessities for my very existence – as well, he instructed, having days of  “pressures,” or conflicts and/or stress is to make us all the more appreciative or aware of those days of tranquility. – Or in my case at that time, all the “noes” were to make me appreciate more all those who had so generously bought my doughnuts. 

I mean, I am sure that many who bought from me bought from me only because they were trying to help me out – they really didn’t need or possibly in many cases some may not have even wanted the doughnuts in the first place, and maybe many didn’t really have the extra money, but they bought from me anyway.

I now know that there must be an opposite in all things in order for anything to exist. The color black exists because there is a color white – if nothing more than to compare it to. Hate exists because there is love.  Note: I don't believe that these opposites exist in spite of their antithesis but rather interdependant or in harmony with each opposite having an equal balance - a balcnce based on value and not on quanity. 

Should any one opposite dominate the other it would destroy itself by destroying its opposite. 

My friend had pointed out that the “noes” were a matter of math.  He asked me to try and think of how many “noes (n)” it was that I was getting before I received a “yes (y)” – for I was getting some “yes’s.” Not everyone was telling me no. 

Anyway, the math worked out proportionately something like this 10n:1y: for every 10 noes, or it had been taking 10 noes to receive one yes.   

True, this may not seem like a lucrative proposition, but believe me it really turned out to be better than I could have ever calculated… and truly this wasn’t the point.

The point was and still is, I had been taught to not look at the “nos” as something that I didn’t want, but that I did want – I mean the more noes that I could get and in less time than I was taking to get them, that I was to obtain my goal of getting more yeses and in much less time. 

At first, I would drag my feet between doors, not wanting to go to the next door because I just knew that they were going to tell me no anyway.  But now with this new perspective of the need of a balance between negatives and positives, I then all but ran to each door hoping to get my 10th no because I now knew that my 11th knock would be a yes – and yesses meant and still means "fresh chocolate and glazed doughnuts - just one more of life's little sweet rewards for a little kid with a swett tooth! 

So have one heck of a “no-day” so that tomorrow you can have a grand “yes-day.”

And should you happen to hear a little knock at your door just around breakfast time, don't be surprised if you find me at you door selling my Spud Nuts.

  "Buen Provecho!" 

with all my love,




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12:11 PM Oct 16 2008



thx for contacting me. hmm.. i'm sure you arent 80, so how old are you..?!  wb. im always looking forward.

see ya ! Wink