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Without tenses

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October 20, 2008

Far below a grand and overpowering sky, I feel so small,

Awkward as though my head were drunk being ready to fall

Pain is in my eyes as though a thousand bits of sand and glass scratch -

Scratching and cutting the jelly like flesh with dry old thatch 

Tears run my cheeks, stinging with salt the tiny pours of my face

Lines of worry stress and pain, the tears trickle down as they trace,

Tracing along the deep crevices of long days of painful loneliness

And night’s memories of forbidden dreams guilt and unworthiness 

I taste the bitter brine as it snakes down over parched and painful lips

The pain as it were, the soft tissue being pinched as with metal snips

A salty and bloody spit pools around and through my teeth – I feel to vomit

My back arches as sickly convolutions kick at my stomach... Stop it!   Stop it!

I scream again, “Stop it!”  Screaming out as though someone might hear

But nothing – no one replies – no one seems to care, but all are near

How can they all be there looking on as though I were some strange animal

How can they not care – are they too not below this same sky of earthly abysmal 

Damn them!  Damn them all to the heavens of which gave them birth

No!  Damn them all to this muddy dirt - this filthy globe that we call earth.

Damn every one of their meaningless and pathetic little souls of apathy

Damn them all… Wait!  No, I care not to damn – I will take sympathy  

All of you who I have just damned, I am sorry.  I take it all back to tell –

Come and I will wash your pain with fresh, clear water from my well

My well of love and sympathy for all of you of which well is deep

Deep enough to treat us all – come and I will wash your tired feet. 

I love you all – just come… just come and meet

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View all entries from Without tenses >

09:08 AM Oct 21 2008

little windmilll

oh ,,so good a poetry,,u r so smart ,,,,hhee,,nice to meet u here ~~~

08:41 AM Oct 21 2008


Hey~buddy,what is wrong with you?Are you okay?

11:43 AM Oct 20 2008


Russian Federation

You are not an animal. My heart is bleeding. I am crying with you. You know I like crying very much;)I am manipulating your damnation of our cursed and blessed world