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Without tenses

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November 5, 2008

My heart began to oscillate up an over a deliciously sweet rhythm of your ivory-plated skin as a lathery-white wave bathes a nude and fiery hot beach. 

The moon sat in pose upon a soft and inviting bed of an arousing colored night as a beautiful nude clothed only in a fine gown of a silky reach. 

The stars winked seductively, like a mood setting chandelier hanging above an earthly dance floor as our two wanton bodies clung to the other as newly known lovers at after-hours. 

Dark clouds of passion and desire skirted overhead settling down upon the bed of night as soft and fluffy pillows filled with sweetly perfumed flowers... 

We moved in closer as two meeting weather fronts, our arousals being as a beggar’s hunger, began to stiffen and expect... 

The lighter front sliding up over the other as our two fronts clashed in a stormy wonder of what was to cum next… 

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