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Without tenses

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November 5, 2008

 Why do you think that I don’t post my hunk of a photo for all passing “oglers” to eyeball? It is because I don’t want to solicit hot comments from beautiful woman who only want me for my beauty.

I want to be known and appreciated also for, my sensibly good humor, charming wit, welcoming smile, and superior intelligence. I want to be wanted because I am “want-able,” and irresistibly fun to be with. I don’t want to parade myself flaunting for every wonderful hot babe to desire me for only one thing. I mean, I’m a person too, and not just some piece of hot and spicy hunk of handsomely warm and deliciously sautéed skin tightly draped over pure-raw muscle and powerfully built and designed bones – I mean, I have some grey matter as well. So no! I won’t do it. I will just appear as I have always appeared….

Whew! Okay, now that my mom has left the room

Hey girls!  Wait! Where are you going off to?  Don't be in such a rush. I was only writing that stuff about not wanting to be wanted for only my brain – I mean that was only because my mom was in the room, and I didn't want her to think that... well, What I mean to say, is take me anyway that you want to – just take me. Please. I’m desperate.

Signed and posted by Mr Hun... 

Umm – moms back again. Later, all you beautiful friends of mine -

Hi sis. Yeah, it’s me. Don’t worry. I am just having some fun.

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