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Without tenses

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November 28, 2008

Rules and laws other than self-implemented and self-willed laws were written by power-hungry and prideful men, and these men use big, jackass-like, empty-headed bullies to try and enforce their self-serving regulations. 

I yet to have seen one law that was written by men that wasn’t designed for its ultimate change — to be changed by either the lawmakers themselves to fit their lustful and greedy purposes or by men who brave the bullies to find justice and freedom of agency. 

I follow only but one rule of law or inalienable justice and that is that my freedom of seeking for a happy life does not infringe upon another’s to do the same. 

No man was invented, created or formed by any means such as by way of mutation of another life form or by evolution or creation — whatever the process — who does not have the basic right to live as they themselves see fit — as does any other man. 

This earth was not formed or “banged” into being to fit the desires of any one man or by any one group, but was designed for all life forms — human, plant, animal, — whatever — to live and let live and/or to die and to let die (living and dying by natural causes and not by the will of another) — to survive the course of whatever is its design, destiny or lot. 

Borders were also designed by arrogant, greedy, fat men who may have had sexual issues while yet growing in the soft tissue of their mother’s womb — within their dirt-lined borders, they are still living in that womb. 

Organized religion was also designed by these same men to not heal a sick and desolate people, but to trick them into believing that disobedience to their laws was punishable by some eternal burning — real or abstract. 

Law makers, interpreters and enforcers of any manmade law are as soft-skinned boys trying to draw warm milk from their mother’s teats only to choke on dry dust — a dust of self-delusions of importance and power.  Soon the rich, wet blood that slashes within their jelly-like veins will pool and dry up as powdered sweet milk, just like all the others before them. 

These idiots of thought think that they can imprison another’s body if it chooses not to obey, thinking that this will also capture that man’s free will of thought. 

Oh what can check such spastic reasoning?  Yes, these men of law are useless, being void of any sound argument for living; but of a far less value are those of us who use them to try and make sure our voice or passion over our neighbor. 

So many have criticized and have even sent their sons and/or daughters into battle against such would-be dictators of powers only to later call a law enforcer over to try and force a neighbor to cut back a hedge-plant from off a fence line! 

My point is this:  “smile!”  —and let the hedge plant be.

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