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Without tenses

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July 21, 2012

I don't know what it is, but I know that I am here for one thing - I know that it will come - I just gotta be patient, and it will come. I think that maybe that is what being here - being alive - means. We are all here to do one thing, and then we go.  Once we fulfil our life's 'Calling,' I see no other reason for being here.

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12:55 PM Jul 22 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

met her?!

05:11 AM Jul 22 2012



I would like to have met her - maybe I have through you. Thank you.  :)

12:51 AM Jul 22 2012


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It is wonderful words...I am suprising that it's yr word or just like them and share with us.u have lovely soul...

.....I present you a poem from Molana:Iranian poet.

Each breath is a song of love
From left and right, pass us by
We’ll return to the world above
Such fate no-one can defy.

We have come from the skies
Befriended angels in heaven
To the same place we will rise
To that city past skies seven.

We are above the skies
And angels we transcend
Why should we compromise?
The House of Songs is our end.

With good fortune may we live
Fate is contradictory,
Gladly our lives may we give
Worldly pride victory.

The sweet scent of this breeze
Is from the curl of that hair
Radiant fantasy on its knees
Upon that face gladly stare.

People are like the loons
Are born from the sea of soul
Stay afloat many moons
The sea the loon control.

On that sea came the wave
While the ship was taking form
From shipwreck no-one could save
Returned to sea by that storm.

What seemed bad, was grace
Kindness was in the wave’s wrath
Dawn of fulfillment is in place
Lighting up that divine path.

From Tabriz began to shine
The Light of Truth, to me call
Thy light is Light Divine
Distinct, yet connecting all.