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November 1, 2012

Paradise is not some distant land - it isn't anywhere you have to go outside of yourself to find.  When a person attempts to look anywhere but within him or herself to find paradise - paradise, that perfect place of total happiness and internal peace - that person disrupts and even robs the perfect peace and happiness of someone else.  Perfect harmony lies within each of us.  Whenever we attempt to go outside ourselves, thinking that maybe this harmony exists in and through some external person, object or place, we then disrupt and possibly destroy the harmony of others.  My happiness should end whenever it conflicts with the happiness and joy of others.

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09:28 AM Nov 02 2012

Mr. Learner

Yes, The happiness lies withing us. When we gain the balance between the powers inside us we'll gain happiness.

And we can make that balance through knowledge.
Thanks a lot for this topic. I like it

By the way, your last sentece reminded me of an Arabic phrase, the meaning of this phrase is "Your freedom ends when it conflicts with others' freedom"