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November 18, 2012

CONFIDENCE comes not from always being right, but not fearing to be wrong and admitting it when you are...

You want to be right about how you see the world, so you seek out information that confirms your beliefs and avoid contradictory evidence and opinions - this is a false sense of CONFIDENCE and a show of cowardice and/or arrogance...

'Confirmation bias' is one the most dependable of all mental stumbling blocks - we so very often fail to learn because we fear finding out that we have been wrong in our way of thinking.  We seem to find a sense of comfort in thinking that we are always right even though we really know that we aren't.  We even go so far as to look for information to help support our misguided thinking.

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03:22 PM Nov 18 2012



I would say, admitting when you're wrong is just shows your honesty.

Confidence is close to resilience - great faith in yourself, in your abilitiy to succeed. The coward will stop when is said something when he's wrong even though he knows that he is right. A confident person doesn't jump ship just befor it docks.

One of the codfident role models is Whoopi Goldberg who was brought up in poverty but was able to build a successful career. Because she was confident, always focused and positive and all those people who wanted to put her down just 'bounced off' against her resilience.

And to convince somebody that's he's wrong is really a mistake. Every one has his own opinion due to some cultural and moral values. If a joke falls flat and somebody doesn't like it, it doesn't mean you don't have a sense of humor and presented in a wrong place. That means that that people just like different jokes that probably not to your liking. Just keep on tinkering until somebody will get it right!

Admitting that you're wrong is to give up. What if you're right! and quite close to success, but someone said you you're wrong and you gave up!

Confidence is a resilience!